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About Us

Army: A body of persons organized to advance a cause.

We are a group of wellness geeks dedicated to building ourselves up. We are an army.

Why join?

  • Because you’re dedicated to building a community that advances the cause of your health.
  • Because you’re solid and strong.
  • Because you support your allies in reaching their wellness goals.
  • And because you friggin’ LOVE kale. 🌱 (In smoothies, in salads, roasted as chips… you name it. You’ll eat it. Happily.)

And more than that: you love what kale represents.

Kale is a superfood. It fuels you in your quest to be super. And you want to be super every day, in every way. That means living consciously.

It means being thoughtful about what you feed your body and mind. About how you treat others and the world. And most importantly, about how you treat yourself.

You believe that taking care of a part is taking care of the whole. And vice versa. That’s why our content strives to educate and motivate you to live better. Physically, mentally, spiritually, holistically.

Because wellness isn’t a simple, straightforward journey. It takes a village.

Or an army. 💪

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